We cover over 10,000 eJournals directly from publishers and more than 7,000 from Journal aggregators all with unlimited user access. These provide some of the highest ranked journals with a full coverage of all subjects. These journals are published by 100 main e-publishers and their many imprint publishers or scientific societies.
Journals may be acquired in different forms:

  • Online or Print + Online
  • Subscriptions to journals
  • Subject Bundles (such as Business, Engineering or Dentistry ….)
  • Subject Collections (such as STM)
  • Full Collections

IIN’s main focus is on bundles and collections, be it subject based or full. Online journals are generally offered with some years of back files and perpetual right of access to the subscribed titles.


Research starts from Comprehensive Databases:
With around 1000 databases, IIN offers a very rich set to select from. We have divided these into two groups:

  • Central Databases are large multidisciplinary resources such as SCOPUS from Elsevier Science and Web of Knowledge from Thomson Reuters.
  • Core and Specialty Databases focus on your main fields of interest. With 500 subjects, there is a very good chance of finding exactly your required resource with us.


References are multi-volume works, which provide a comprehensive and well-structured account of the stated area. Most references are in the form of Encyclopedias, Directories, Dictionaries, Book Series, Handbooks, and Who’s Who. They deploy precision searching, cross referencing, and linking in order to provide simple and fast access to large volume of information. Enrich your library by references directly from these renowned publishers:

  • John Wiley
  • Elsevier Science
  • Taylor and Francis


With an always expanding list of online titles, IIN offers comprehensive collections of both monographs and textbooks. There are many options to go for, and whatever your needs, our partnership will benefit you. Please ask us about any of the following options:

  • Individual books or custom built collections
  • Online Books direct from publishers such as Taylor & Francis, John Wiley, Elsevier, Thieme, CUP, OUP, World Scientific, DeGruyter, and more
  • One time purchase or subscription
  • The whole book or a single chapter
  • Unlimited access or limited use
  • Research books as well as text books