iKNiTO Suite of Products

iKNiTO is first and foremost a platform which provides a number of products which are all related to achieving both excellence and simplicity in knowledge management. While its products may be deployed stand alone, but the main objective has been to fully integrate them. These products are:

iKNiTO Dl: State of the art in digital library

iKNiTO Space: Highly versatile institutional repository

iKNiTO js: A fully automated journal management system for those interested in managing their journals publications

iKNiTO cs: A fully automated scientific conference and exhibition management system

iKNiTO jval: A comprehensive journal evaluation system

Integration is best shown in the following graph:

We do have a number of other related products in the pipeline, which we will introduce in future.

In short, any contents that a university or any institute has will be accessed through a simple and user-friendly interface. The contents could be from international publishers, your reports and theses, as well as journals and proceedings that you produce, be it text, video, audio or any form of data. They are all made searchable and browsable uniformly and all within a highly advanced digital library.


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