What is Integrated Digital Library?

IDL is an advanced system which gives you simple and one step access to all your electronic resources.
You can browse and search all your Databases, E-Journals, E-Books & References in our digital library Alphabetically (A-Z) or by subject and also find the relevant ranking information.
You can easily personalize your digital library by Registering yourself in IDL and selecting your favorite topic from 230 detailed subject areas.

Our Digital library

By accessing the digital library our professors, researchers and students have access to:
Journals | Books | References | Databases

Registeration Note

IDL generally distinguishes your institute from your IP address. As you are interested in special subjects' areas, IDL provides you the facility to register yourself to have access to your preferred resources information while you are also able to switch to all institutional subscribed resources. In this case you need to REGISTER yourself in IDL and then enter your username (in IDL it should be EMAIL ADDRESS) and password
with "Save Password" for one time.

The registered users who are using new computer in their institute
network (Campus), need to enter their username (in IDL it should be EMAIL ADDRESS) and password. Otherwise there is no need to enter username and password.

In case of users who have not registered themselves yet and are out of their campus, they should enter their institutional username and password first, and then REGISTER themselves and continue.